9.40 Lou Malnatis – Simply the best! Best sauce! best cheese! Best Sausage! Deep
8.90 La Gondola – Since the days on Montana in Chicago, still putting out a GREAT pizza. The way it should be done. Thin
7.90 O Fame – Great thin pizza, sometimes too big of a bubble, but great thin. Delivery is terrible and Largest size isn’t that big but a very good pizza.
7.50 Barnaby’s – Another excellent thin. Have not had one in quite sometime, but always solid.
7.40 Chili Mac – YES! Chili Mac on Broadway in Chicago. Probably the most surprised I have ever been about a pizza! Have to give Kelly credit here.
7.25 Edwardos – Thin, very good very fresh ingredients, all natural.
7.20 Aurelios – Another good thin Chicago Pizza, many south burbs would probably be a top of the line pizza anywhere else.
7.15 Bacinos/Giordanos-They might both be pissed I lumped them together, but they are very very similar. Deep dish and thin. Both good, never had a bad one. Just saying I have had better.
7.10 Mother Other Kitchen-CLOSED Had a great butter crust in Wilmette.
7.10 D’agastinos – Good thin. Very thin. Not Pats thin, but still thin. Good delivery system
7.10 UNOS / DUEO – RIGINAL places only! Another very good pizza, deep dish, still like Lou’s better, but would still do either of these places in Chicago ONLY!
7.05 Genos East – Good deep dish, still in 4th place of the big 4. Not bad at all, just better deep dish.
7.02 Scoozi!U – ntraditonal, pizza made in lengths on a long board, but really excellent product! Yes, you can get a sausage pizza.
7.00 Pats Pizza – Not sure it is possible to make a pizza thinner than this. A bit greasy, but still good.
6.85 Art of Pizza – Consist ant, good, a bit greasy in the crust. Open at 11 AM daily and serves slices, which is a plus.
6.75 CW Napkins – Great delivery system, which counts. Slices, Good pizza to eat while working on a project. Yes, my project pizza!
6.70 Grimaldis – Brick over pizza place in AZ, making some good pies. Fresh Mozz, good crust, lotsa loations, solid pizza. Delivery would be a great option ! (AZ)
6.50 NANCYS – This is the home of STUFFED Pizza. I order it once a year, great for a pig out session.
6.45 VINES – Right next to the Cubby Bear. They offer some funky pizza variations, but they will make you a simple pepperoni and it is really good.
6.40 Pizza Capri – A thicker thin crust. Lotsa good other stuff here as well.
6.40 Fornello-Irving ParkThey make a wood oven pizza that just doesn’t work for me, but the BEST Lasagna I ever had! I order the Lasagna!
6.40 Next Door Pub – Lake Geneva Wisc! Great place, Solid Delivery, Hits the spot when chilling after long day of stuff in Wisc.
6.35 Carrenos – Good thicker thin pizza. Similar to Pizza Capri.
6.15 Village Inn Skokie-Really good thin crust, good sauce. Dropped it a bit, just had one and can say have had better ones.
6.00 Petes Pizza – Great Pizza for Parties. Huge. Quick. Good delivery.
6.00 Cafe Luigi – Close to NY style Pizza in Chicago. Not a NY fan, but this is not bad.
6.00 Tomato Head – Poor mans version of Barnaby’s/
6.00 Pizza Bellas – Pretty Similar to Luigi.
5.90 Pizanos – Rudy Malnati. Thinner than Lous, but thicker than regaulr thin. Can taste the similar styles.
5.85 Bricks – Only had it once and was not my order, was after a good night, leaving some girls palce at 4 AM, went looking for a diet coke to go, grabbed some slices too! not bad at all.
5.80The BOSS Pizza Bar – Not the Bar in Chicago, but a Pizza Bar in Scottsdale with chicago roots! First time, pizza needed more cheese browning. 2nd time, asked well done! BEST MOVE!
5.78 Gullivers – Long time ago, was always good, not great. Deep dish imitator the great ones
5.76 Palermos -requests from diehards I tried it. Had one from he place on 95th and a few from the one in Wrigleyville. Too much sugar in the sauce. However, I would understand how you would love this pizza if you grew up on it,
5.75 Purgatory Pizza-Good place. Good Pizza specials. Thin Unique Cracker Crust. Similar to Barnaby’s, O Fame, Tomato Head
5.75 Bills Place-Maybe it was actually better than I remember, but making me drive to Crystal lake for a pizza raises the bar a bit!
5.75 Carmens-An FOBF favorite, I have had the thin, it was good (and free) but being pushed to the stuff, don’t think I ever had it.
5.75 APART-It was a good pizza, but are they a pain in the ass to deal with. Like they are doing me a favor delivering to me. Never called a place twice and told just not delivering anymore.
5.75 Exchequer Pub-Downtown on Wabash. Long time place, good thin, heavy toppings.
5.65 IANS-The home of the Mac n Cheese Pizza. Funky Combo after Funky Combo. Bacon, Cheese, Potato as an example. It’s good, it’s different. Slices mainly, late night PACKED!
5.60 Pizza Metro-It was a good pizza. Had better, but would not be bummed if this was ordered.
5.55 Yakzess/Paddy O splaines Decent pizza, 2 places are really similar. Of course WIngs are better at Yakzees.
5.52  HOME RUN INN Wasn’t a bad Pizza but fpr the $$$ could get much much better.
5.50 Cheese to PleaseSomething funny about this pizza, but I loved it growing up.
5.35 Maries LiqourFormerly served at Hi Tops. Good really thin.
5.30 Rosatis – Improved, but crust is still soggy, cant pick up a slice, toppings are solid, but they never cook it enough, even when asked.
5.30 Michaels on BroadwayANother place with Sweet sauce. Not what I like but many do.
5.25 Big Cheese PizzaNeeded some more cooking, but had a shot, maybe a 2nd order!
5.15 My PieSurprised it is still around. Provides a good deep dish.
5.10 Johns Pizzeria On Western. OK pizza, nothing special, Might order if closer
5.10 Barrys SpotGood thin. Delivery place only. If Barry smiled once I might like it more.
5.10 Congress PizzaHad a good date there once, so maybe I remember this place better than it is, but would go back.
5.05 Calos PizzeriaYa know when the toppings and cheese are like an inch away from the crust. It was an OK taste, but the crust thing bothered me.
5.00 Chicagos PizzaWay too much salt. Good commercials. Open very LATE!
4.80 Phillys BestSimilar to the 2 below. Not great, but a slice with a sandwich works.
4.78 ConniesWhile I have never ate at the Restaurant, if you have been to a Chicago sports event, that’s the pizza and it is OK then.
4.77 Daves Italian KitchenAnother one from the history bin. Had it a few times in my yute! Was OK then, so might be not so great as many have said.
4.75 PeuqodsI just never liked the pizza. Really bready. Too much Oregano, but some pizza love it. I am just not one of them.
4.61 Whole FoodsYes, they feature fresh pizza and it’s OK. Sometimes it’s also just a pain in the ass to fight through the homeless people waiting for the free samples and I hate to disrupt the employees discussing when the next rad show will be.
4.60 Bo JonosSloppy made pizza, was not tasty at all.
4.59 ChiZona Pizza – Attempt at a cracker crust, not terrible by any means, just lacking in flavor and was small and thin for the price. (AZ)
4.58 LA Rosa on GolfAnother one from the past! But still cooking, so muist be doing something right.
4.57 Pie HoleFunky spices on this one. Not even sure if it still open.
4.56 NonnasReally undercooked. Put in the Box when cheese melted, no browning.
4.55 Lincoln Park PizzaGood for the kids at LPHS , just not for me.
4.55 Villa May PizzaPlenty of hype surrounding this place. was really disappointed. Sloppy thin.
4.50 Gigi’sLike a Dominos rip off
4.40 BubamarraAnother place talked up! Just wasn’t that good.
4.40 RanallisThank good for the nice Outdoor seating. Otherwise, bad pizza
4.40 Lauries on BroadwayBreadie thin crust. Was like what they consider a good pizza in Florida.
4.40 LeonasI just don’t like the sauce. Not sloppy, they do everything else well, just not loving the pizza.
4.40 Renaldis PizzaJust don’t like it much. Lack of sauce. But they have other stuff
4.35 Venice PizzaWas a huge pizza, tasteless. Disappointed
4.34 Clancys -Pub place in Arizona, maybe shouldnt have ordered for delivery, but was cold and ultra thin, almost hard to judge it was more oregano than pizza. (AZ)
4.32 Fireplace InnGreat place to hang! Just wasn’t a good pizza!
4.30 Old Towne Pizza PubSomeone must have spilled the salt on my pizza. Ate less than half and left it.
4.27 Chicago Oven GrindersJust never liked it. Questionable on even calling it pizza, but the sauce is more like it was made for a pasta dish. Others love it, they stand in line on the weekends. Not for me.
4.25Pie HoleUses some funky spice here. Not for me.
4.10 ZIPPS – Granted, I only had a slice and maybe it was sitting out for awhile, but I have to believe the pizza stoops down t the level of the rest of the foos I had here. not really good.
4.05 Orso’sMight be risking my life with this bad review, but I think they might have spilled the salt on this one. Had 1 piece, sent it back paid for the drinks and left.
4.00 Pizza Ria/Pizza Baci2 Places i Wrigleyhood, drunk it’s good and that’s it.
3.75 Papa RomeosNot good. In the Dominos class. Amy you pizza moron!
3.50 Royal Chessman/Villa RosaCLOSED Another 2 places from my youth. Sometimes, you just feel like a good bad pizza. I can’t explain it, but these were the places. Never uniform, nothing measured, no doubt homemade.
2.75 Pizza RusticaNot sure how the place remains open except some people must like the taste of frozen pizza. I hated it.
2.25 Pizza RiaLike Flavored Cardboard. But at 3 Am it’s just edible if I had enough JAck and Cokes.
1.50 Bertolinis- Vegas Alleged to be good italian food, but when asked how was pizza I responded with “If we were in Chicago,this would be the second worst Pizza I ever had.” And they kicked us out!
1.05 Z Best PizzaCLOSED Former Location 200 N Dearborn Food court. Was like eating Cheese off cardboard and this was with a hangover when anything would have tasted good.
0.00Shaky’s -Acapulcoafter years of walking by this place and seeing the 5 mins or it is free sign. I had to go for it. 100 pesos, a tortilla, ketchup, American cheese melted is what they called a pizza.