MY BIG WEEK – 4/10/2016

bigfan_1MY BIG WEEK    April 10, 2016

-Bumped into the World Series 1999 trophy at Chase Field in Zona. Didnt let us in the elevator with it, 2 security guards walked it out under cloak…no dagger..

-Are the Bulls the highest paid lottery team ever?

-Arrietta ERA well over 1.00 now!  Should we be concerned?

-Toews taking a break of 1 game to get ready for the playoffs, this should be news!

-Did the Schwarber injuries just re-emphasize that a 15 year career as a DH is really what we are looking at.

-Mr. Lackey can put on his uniform and take of the “Working on some things” practice jersey off anytime he wants.

-Ice at US cell…… thats a new reason to close the upper deck and as usual, nobody in the media says anything.

-Cubs coming to Chicago, you wuld have thought they lived in Arizona. Many have been there since January!

-So the Bulls highlight of the 2015-2016 season is finding Cristiano Felicio???

-Blackhawks playoff HAWKEY, do they really have this switch to TURN IT ON?

See ya Next week!


2016 MLB predictions


March 31, 2016

Time to fess up and get your thoughts in for the 2016 MLB season. As I look into the Crystal ball, here we go.

AL EAST – Toronto walks away with it , having 96 wins.
AL CENTRAL – KC easy winner with 92 wins.
AL WEST – Houston wins with 89 wins in  tough divsion race
WC’s – Angels and Rangers

NL EAST – Mets with 89 wins, pitching still awesome.
NL CENTRAL – Cubs with 98 wins. Really good team, might even get better during season
NL WEST – SF Giants with 88 wins. Not a popular pick, but I just think they are a good team!
WC- ST. Louis and Pitt will battle it out, both with 90 plus wins.

CUBS v. ROYALS in the World Series and even if eveything baseball wise at that time said to pick KC, I couldnt do it, CUBS

NOTE: White Sox with 81 wins.

See You in October with this one.


Plan “B” as in BULLS

Everything didnt go so well this year for GarPax. Fred isn’t even the shadow of what Thibs was as a coach, Dougie is playing is playing at an MVP level if that league was back in a dorm room and had a nerf hoop up, Tony Snell has developed in the D League MVP he will be, D Rose is 26 going on 43, Michael Jeffrey Dunleavy was ouchy and Jimmy got paid! Not to mention Pau, Noah, Nico and Taj.

I think we can all admit this team should have been better than it is right now and at this point next year, they will be! Mark it down right here, put it in the book, take the over…you will see a different team next year. A better team!

Let me start with the poster child for dads eveywhere that want to be able to WALK into the gym to see their kid graduate, Mr. D Rose, whose contract will finally be up at the end of next season and he is going to be sniffing LA money. He wants to be in LA, he wants to be paid to be in LA and if not in LA he just wants to be paid, so he will actually need to dismiss his buddy “General Soreness” and prove to the league he can play more games than he sits. He will actually need to show he can be good again as well, so with his future on the line I do expect to see the best of D Rose next season and he will not be resigned, no matter what he does.

Noah’s contract is also up. $10 mill in cap money is on the table to bring someone else in. I am not just throwing away Noah as if he was an albatross. The guy was amazing for the Bulls organization on every level. If the guy wants to coach, I bring him back in a second. Couldnt ask for more effort, dedictation and leadership, but I think his knee will prevent him from playing again. If he can give you 10 minutes for $3 mill, OK, but other than that, he gets honored and we hope he stays around in some capacity.

Pau, Taj, Nico and MJD all have deals for next year. Work on getting these guys healthy and make a run with them for next year.

Dougie McNerf, not sure where to begin with this one.  How Kyle Korver thrives in the NBA and Dougie can’t is beyond me, as I would think Dougie is more athletic. Maybe its time to just work on the three ONLY, but it’s hard to even say that as he is shooting 42% from 3 this year! If they have D camp, he needs to go. Maybe work on the flop but something needs to be done.

Tony Snell, I only mention because he was a 1st round  pick and you always then need to go back and see if you could have got someone else?  It was a late 1st rounder, so I won’t play second guessing couch GM, but an athletic 7 footer from Duke was taken later in the draft and is developing into a solid NBA player, but lets not dwell on the Snell reach at this point.

Bobby Portis, is a big part of this whole thing. He will have a year under his belt and will fill the role that Noah has left for him. He brings some new energy to the team as well.

When you have a player who has an expiring contract, you seem to get the best of that player, funny how that works.

Next year, you have expiring contracts all over this team, look for some really good efforts and result in a much better team. Regardless of the outcome, expect the team to be blown up after the 2017 season.

The Vegas Cubs!


In early 2015 if you happen to be walking around Vegas you might have seen this up on the wager board in your friendly neighborhood sportsbook. Yes, the Cubs to win the World Series! If you watched the Cubs in 2012, 2013 and 2014 …or the previous Century…you would know that the Cubs winning a world series was like making a bet that D Rose would play a season uninjured. NOT HAPPENING!


Yet, here we are. Pre 2016 MLB season and the Cubs are a favorite to win the Wolrd Series! Yes, a 4-1 favorite! This does need some explaining. They are a really good and deep team, but are they really that much better than the other really good teams? Probably not. The difference is those other teams don’t have fans all over the country dropping $100 on them to win the world series like people throwing change in a wishing well. This just happens to be a wishing well owned by Ceasars or Cantor Gaming and thus they need to adjust odds in the event the Cubs do win a World Series.

For the record, the Cubs opened at 10-1 at the Westgate to win the World Series. The Dodgers came out at 8-1 and Nats, BlueJays and Mets all opened at 10-1 as well. The money came in so heavy on the Cubs they went to 4-1, after a few signings and they became the Vegas favorite.

Let’s be real clear on one thinfg. The sportsbooks in Vegas might take a beating this year if the Cubs win, but  over the years, they have cleaned up from the wishing well bets, so we dont need to feel sorry for the Ballys and Bellagios, they already made their money on this phenomenom, maybe now its time to give a little back to the people and I will be looking for my share!

bad century





Before Pressure comes to a baseball team, his friend “Expectations” takes a seat.

Expectations are what matters until spring training starts, but the expectations guys set the bar. The guys in the Cubs expectation department have set the bar higher than ever before, which leads to a massive buildup of pressure.

The “rebuilding plan” has been deployed by every team in sports history and with the expception of a very few organizations (wink) and an understanding exists with the fan base when a team rebuilds. The fan bases understand that the product will be bad for a short period of time, in order to produce a superior product. Many organizations are in year 8 of the 5 year plans, so the rebuilding plan is by no means a guarantee of success.5year

The risk is failing at the plan of rebuilding, which brings a successive plan to correct the first plan and now you have a generation of a bad sports team….before you know it you go a century without a ring!

Fast foward to this 2016 Chicago Cubs team. The pressure on this team is already in Mesa, AZ sitting at the door of Sloan park waiting for Theo to open the gates! From day 1 this team better be ready for the pressure, it’s all part of the deal, its part of the process, its what makes winning it when you say your are going to win it all that much sweeter. Trust me, any Chicagan knows the ’85 Bears are the single greatest team in NFL history and part of that elite level is the pure cockiness they displayed in releasing a song “The Super Bowl Shuffle” while dominating the the Patriots in SBXX. Thats the pinacle of sports and this team has the chance to do it!


Many of the players on the 2016 are still young. Bryant, Schwarber, Russell have yet to play a full season, yet its not an excuse. They got a taste and they know whats coming. Combined that with the vets on the team and the perfect manager for this team.

It’s simple, no need to over analyze this one, one word. “NOW”