Before Pressure comes to a baseball team, his friend “Expectations” takes a seat.

Expectations are what matters until spring training starts, but the expectations guys set the bar. The guys in the Cubs expectation department have set the bar higher than ever before, which leads to a massive buildup of pressure.

The “rebuilding plan” has been deployed by every team in sports history and with the expception of a very few organizations (wink) and an understanding exists with the fan base when a team rebuilds. The fan bases understand that the product will be bad for a short period of time, in order to produce a superior product. Many organizations are in year 8 of the 5 year plans, so the rebuilding plan is by no means a guarantee of success.5year

The risk is failing at the plan of rebuilding, which brings a successive plan to correct the first plan and now you have a generation of a bad sports team….before you know it you go a century without a ring!

Fast foward to this 2016 Chicago Cubs team. The pressure on this team is already in Mesa, AZ sitting at the door of Sloan park waiting for Theo to open the gates! From day 1 this team better be ready for the pressure, it’s all part of the deal, its part of the process, its what makes winning it when you say your are going to win it all that much sweeter. Trust me, any Chicagan knows the ’85 Bears are the single greatest team in NFL history and part of that elite level is the pure cockiness they displayed in releasing a song “The Super Bowl Shuffle” while dominating the the Patriots in SBXX. Thats the pinacle of sports and this team has the chance to do it!


Many of the players on the 2016 are still young. Bryant, Schwarber, Russell have yet to play a full season, yet its not an excuse. They got a taste and they know whats coming. Combined that with the vets on the team and the perfect manager for this team.

It’s simple, no need to over analyze this one, one word. “NOW”